Thought Of The Day


CAPITALISM: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.
HUMANISM: a doctrine, attitude, or way of life centered on human interests or values; especially : a philosophy that usually rejects supernaturalism and stresses an individual’s dignity and worth and capacity for self-realization through reason.

Economic conditions inflate and deplete, that is the nature of business. It is our humanity that carries us through when we are at our low points, that is OUR nature. United we are able to persevere through economic downfalls. However, that unity plummets when we are humanely bankrupt. And there is no money that can restore such a retrograde.
My particular field of endeavor, my personal concern is that of something beyond commercial. Just like my measure of value is that of something beyond monetary. Our decisions have the ability to act as statements expressing the essential nature of something. Plainly put they have the ability to define us. It is the great decisions of our past that have catapulted our progression as a people. It is those great decisions that have surpassed this country from being the most powerful in the world, to empowering those that inhabit it.
I don’t consider myself a political person. These are just some thoughts that have been tinkering around in my head that finally came to surface. Simple, unapologetic thoughts.
Happy Election Day everyone!


Give yourself a treat and make every day a holiday. Celebration of life should not be limited to available 3-day weekends.


Don’t be afraid to get involved in someone’s life just for the sake of fear. You may not know what the outcome may be for either of you. The learning process is always there for you to be part of


Take the time to “reboot” yourself from time to time. Take a moment to yourself for yourself to relax and regroup your thoughts and energy. You don’t want to overheat and crash.


Respect is a two way street. Show someone the respect, of appreciating their respect.


Pay close attention to the behavior towards you coming from others when you are around them. Their actions reveal truths about how you make them feel.


Your image of yourself is defined by others only when you continously allow it to be so. With that being said, you are the solitary definer of your personal image. You are the controler of what aspects of you people get to see or not see. Therefore, if people have a muddled impression of you it is you that has given that presentation. Clear some stuff up so that the vision of you is more spectacular.

Hello to any of you reading this. Ha ha. I took a slight hiatus to do some thinking, self discovering, and perhaps reach some clarity. I have learned and am still learning so much about myself and my realation to life and others. I will do my best to be more constant with postings, especially the thoughts of the day. I hope you have and will continue to enjoy the content on my page.


Life’s whispers go loud before they go out. Clean out your ears, it will do you good.


Laughter is a great ingredient, add some to life’s experiences.


Death is part of life just like birth. Let’s not forget to celebrate the in between.


Support one another, unity is strenght


It is said that we are only dealt what we can handle. Well, on the days that you feel that you can’t handle what you were dealt with, keep in mind that you are part of what life was dealt as well.


Always remember to say “Thank You”. Appreciation is always appreciated.


Inspirational quotes are created everyday, just pay attention to life when it speaks to you in your ear.


Find something to fall in love with in your life, frequently. A song, a color, a scent, a flavor, it will heighten your sense of living.


Tell someone how much they mean to you. That meaning will then increase in value.


Take a moment and show a little something more of yourself to someone. The information you get in return can become quite the learning experience for all involved.


Celebrate life. Cherish all of it’s beauty. Embrace all of it’s wonders. Love something a little bit more. Live!


Things may seem tough at times. It is those times when we should look around and appreciate all the good things we do have.


It is said that things happen for a reason. Sometimes however those reasons are not so clear right away.


Love is a strong thing, and it will never let you forget that.


Words are given their worth only by you. Same goes for people. Neither can affect you unless there is care


Don’t let things fester for too long. Feelings can become toxic


Writing down your thoughts may help clear things up and perhaps discover answers you were looking for.


Hugs are a great way to show someone that they’re not alone. And they feel great!


People will surprise you. Give them the opportunity to do it in a good way.


Allow yourself to make mistakes. Just don’t let them become comfortable.


Do something nice for others, it will make you feel good and put great energy out there.


Life has a lot of pleasures. Enjoy them guilty free.


If there is something you feel that is meant for you, there is no harm in going out and getting it. “Meant to be” can turn into “missed the boat” in a blink of an eye.


Compliments are great. However, expecting them constantly not only takes away from the meaning, it takes away from the giving as well.


Open yourself to new things, surprises can make for some great times, or at the least a new life lesson.


Take care of your body, it’s the only vessel you have in this lifetime.


Special surprise moments with those closest to you make the heart just that much more plushier


Happy Father’s Day to all of those great Dads out there!


Don’t compromise the quality of your life for someone else. Especially if they are selfish bitter people. Ha!


Plan an adventure with people you love. Not only do you have the opportunity to get closer to them, but you can have a blast while doing it.


Don’t lose sight of making your dreams come true, for they may go from vision to illusion.


Smiling really does make you feel better. Not only that but it kind of goes with all of your outfits. Try it on, trust me it will work.


Your behavior towards your life’s situations will directly affect the product of its outcome.


When it comes to situations with people you love dearly, you’re still allowed to feel hurt by their actions and continue loving them. I feel that acknowledging those feelings make for a better relationship with yourself and others.