Does anal sex always hurt?

-Anonymous (Male 20’s)


Hmmm… I believe the answer is no, not always. I would imagine that after repeated activity the pain sensation should diminish some. However my intuition tells me that you might be more interested in finding out how to make anal sex more pleasurable for the receiving end. (HA! Words are great aren’t they?) There are a number of products out there specifically for this sexual activity. Most commonly in lotion or gel form, you apply the product to the anal region. The lotion or gel should then numb the area and take some of the edge off. Another way to increase the pleasure for you is by doing some exploring. Take some time to feel around and figure out what works for you and at what speed and/or strength. Then share that with your sexual counter part and the both of you are sure to have more fun with less uncomfortable pain. Don’t be afraid to take control of the situation. I find that the more comfortable you are in a sexual situation the more the pleasure becomes heightened. Enjoy yourself and always remember to be safe!