Having like the 4th worst day of my life today. current boss fired me today just cuz I was trying hard to get our office ph line back on after it was shut off when other business with us left the building. mainly cuz they r mad they lost our contract and it is up for bid now. they gotta take it out on someone while they still are in charge of payroll…my coworker quit cuz I got fired. what a mess…. and I am shocked and upset and want to run away but….sorry to vent a little. guess i am writing cuz I need an Angel hug….some magic to make me stop crying…. :'(

-Snow White in Misery.



Being fired can be a difficult thing to digest.
Financial stability is never something we enjoy losing.
Do yourself a favor and before you start looking for a new job take a day or weekend for yourself. Remind yourself that you hold a value to this world. Don’t make it an expensive trip since you just lost your job. But go out there somewhere, maybe even take your mom along. Go on a picnic, or somewhere natural. I know you appreciate nature. Take pictures, things will come to you. Then once you are recharged get out there and find a new job. You will be more confident and perhaps even strut in to a new place with a glow. This will help you land that new job you want. Who knows, this new venture in your life may bring you a great amount of happiness. The best way to get back at them is by finding something better. The worst thing you can do to yourself is sulk and allow them to continue beating you down. The weekend is coming up. Get out there refresh and recharge. Don’t forget that this is the best month in the whole year!!!!