Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting a really cool person.
If you ask him, he will tell you that he is 2 1/2 years old.
He is ambidextrous, however it was only the nails on his left hand that were painted red. He told me that Red and Blue were his favorite colors, then he corrected himself and said that he loves all of the Colors equally.
Just as amazing is his mother. I overheard her say that she has chosen to raise him with a non-gender bias. Meaning she is allowing him to express himself in which ever way he deems fit. I also overheard her say that she recently purchased him a pair of sparkly purple shoes that he picked out. He told me that for Christmas he wants a blue skateboard, a wii, a bicycle and a blue umbrella. He was one of the most polite and well educated children I’ve come across. While playing ball with him all I kept thinking is not how lucky he is to have such a great Mother, because it shouldn’t be left up to luck. But instead I kept thinking how lucky the people that get to meet such a well rounded person, including myself. It’s these moments when you don’t expect it, that Life shows you that there are beautiful things in this world. I am thankful for this experience.