How do I go about helping a friend heal during
A painful time?
They give me rewarding advice
During difficult,complicated and confusing phases of my life,it hurts me to see this amazing person
Go through painful matters of the heart. Especially how I have an instinct that something much better is in store for my friend in the next few months. How do I reach out to this person with out pushing them away, how can I help heal their beautiful heart?




Humans are funny creatures in the sense that we are good at giving advice, but not always the best at taking it. You are a good friend to be concerned, the type of people you have described both of you to be usually tend to be ruled by emotion. Intuitive people tend to be highly sensitive to emotions, both their own and of others. That is what aids the intuitive process. Give your friend some time, time heals most everything that the brain can’t overcome. As far as your wanting to reach out, while not pushing them away. Well, you should know how your friend works by now. Take time, be gentle if your friend is in a gentle state. Propose your instincts of the future. Friends usually have a way of syncing with each other, your friend might have similar thoughts of the future. Be a human and console, but also be a spirit and help guide. Just give yourselves some time for the process.