Is it a good idea to talk about your sexual past with your partner, like how many people you’ve been with, or should it be kept to yourself?



It is said that honesty is the best policy. Sometimes the “best” policy is not the smartest. I am a promoter of openness and honesty, because they are both essential pillars for your trust building. However, I don’t think that talking about your sexual accomplishments right off the bat is necessary.  Hopefully the number of people you have had sex with isn’t a first date topic. Woman can be intimidated and/or turned off by a high number of sexual partners. Other thoughts and/or questioning of fidelity and safe sex practice are sure to follow.  This is when bragging about your encounters isn’t the best choice. If you feel that you will be putting the person in a health risk, then that’s completely different. We all deserve honesty and respect, but don’t kill the potential of getting to know each other better by discussing your “sexcapades” too soon. There’s enough pressure to impress each other with our outer self as it is. Wait until you’ve gotten to know each other better before discussing your dirty boy past.