What do you do when you and someone got really close, and all of a sudden they stop talking to you for no reason? And you asked them why aren’t they talking to you and they don’t reply… Is it because their going out with someone or what?? Should I keep trying to see if I did something wrong?




We are currently in a time of lack of communication. It’s funny because we have the most technologically advanced methods for communication at our fingerprints. But I think that may be part of the issue. Communication can get lost in translation when it’s piped through satellites as oppose to human to human contact. Your question presents quite a common scenario due to this communication issue. We as humans always want answers for things, it’s part of our nature. If you chose to attempt searching for the answer you need, you might end up running yourself ragged. It can be quite exhausting chasing after something that may not be there or at the least may not want to be chased. You should also ask yourself if this is truly someone you want to be with. If communication is already at this point so early on in the game then is it really worth seeing it through. No one will ever win and you’ll just end up hurting yourself further. One of my mottos is: “You are the most important person in your life”. I live by this, but I also know that we can slip away from that at times in an effort to find that companionship that makes us feel like we’re the only ones in the world. It doesn’t sound like this person is putting you and/or your feelings in that special place. Even though it may hurt for a bit I would probably just cut your losses. You should also take some time to remind yourself that you deserve love. You’ve probably lost a bit of that along the way.