Dearest Angel,

What are your suggestions for complete relaxation. I am finding the daily tasks everyday life calls for to be quite exhausting these days.

Days off don’t seem long enough, a cocktail to relax isn’t quite relaxing enough, and by the time the bathtub fills up I’m bored, wrinkely and ready to get out :/

Suggestions on some major decompressing?


Dear Looking to Decompress,

I am a strong believer in writing. Big surprise right? Ha ha. I feel that writing has so many benefits. For one it gets all of those thoughts out of your head and on to something tangible. That process will allow your brain waves to have some clarity. It also makes those thoughts solid as oppose to just gaseous concepts clouding up your thinking abilities. Seeing these things on paper gives you a better perspective and handle on things that you already know and it provides the opportunity to discover things you may not be aware of. Awareness is the key to so many things. Hence this sites subtitle. 😉
Writing can also be so cathartic; it can be a form of self-therapy. Sometimes we don’t feel like talking to anyone, or just simply don’t want people to know our….. umm.. business.
The definition for decompress is to release pressure or compression. I think that society has us use relaxation methods such as a bubble baths and/or a glass of wine after a long day at work to “decompress”. Those usually tend to just relax you momentarily. But then what about tomorrow or the next day? If you don’t have an affinity for pencil and paper (who even uses those anymore right?), then perhaps dip your toes into some yoga. Yoga can have a similar introspective affect without words. The exercise will also do your physical body some good. Get some toxins out of the way and such. If you are the artistic type but still want to avoid words, try expressing your thoughts through visual arts. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece for anybody but you. If you use any of these techniques, you’ll discover what issues have been bringing your energy level down. Hopefully you can get to the root of it so that it doesn’t keep affecting your light garden. Keep smiles at a constant; you’ll see that you’ll attract a reason for the actual act of smiling.        😀