It makes sense for me to express my thoughts on here regarding this, because this particular baby of mine has also been a victim of what I’m about to discuss.

Recently I have been having several discussions with different people regarding self worth, or “being worthy of”. Then a friend of mine posted a video of a talk titled “The power of vulnerability”. Brene Brown’s words echoed and solidified my previous theories of self-combat. As well as forced me to reinvestigate my definitions of certain words and terms. My whole life I’ve felt like a detective of human emotion, thought and behavior. But like with all things, if you spend most of your time looking out you spend less and less time looking in. I am firm believer that I personally gain knowledge of myself with my excavations and discoveries of others. There are times though, when you have to take a time out and just focus on digging inward. Brene Brown provided me with an extra tool to do just that. I watched this video several times and found myself pausing and replaying certain parts. The following is what really resonated.

People that believe that they are worthy of love and belonging:

“Courage to be imperfect.”
“Compassion to be kind to themselves FIRST, and then on to others.”
“Willing to let go who they thought they should be, in order to be who they were”

When it came to vulnerability I learned that I had martyred the necessity of vulnerability.
I now learned that along with being the core of shame and fear, vulnerability can also be the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging, and love.

But most importantly I learned that, “I am enough”.
It’s not that I am not aware of what I am capable of or the gifts that I have been given. It’s just that sometimes we tend to feel that we don’t deserve the accolades for our voyage and the work we have done.
I hope you all take something from this talk, it holds great messages.

Thanks Shaquints.

Here is the link:


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