Hi to the coolest Angel!, I went extreme hiking again today. Posted a few more pics from it, if you want to see. I’m trying to decide what to do. The official overseeing supervisor for us, disagreed with my firing and my coworker quitting. She wants us back. But can’t do anything until contract goes to new owners and that will be about 2 more weeks yet… that’d be awesome but not sure I should wait…what if it falls thru? What if? What if? I know I can’t live by what ifs, but am so scared that I will choose wrong…. I did file for unemployment currently and trying to search my soul for help to make right choice. Again just am scared. I welcome additional advice if you have any. And thank you for listening!!! You are so wise!!! have a good evening, love and hugs.

-Snow White in Misery


You will know what feels right. You would be the one who would also know how long you can go without work. Life whispers when it needs to. Don’t let it get to the point when life has to send stronger messages. Keep an ear out for the whispers and you should be fine.