I hope to provide a unique insight and point of view. A fresh and young opinion backed by a thoughtful perception, which is how I would stylize life questions. My quite intuitive and definitely creative style will serve as an enhancement and guide. Previous career ventures have allowed for me to explore several parts of the United States as well as other parts of the world, very early on. Continous volunteer (humanitarian) work has allowed me to explore different regions of  the human soul, mind, and heart. Undying passion for both art as well as the process of understanding and/or awareness brightens my light. My belief in people, gives me the ability to look at most sides of life situations. I think that we can be both our own cure as well as ailment. A lot of the times we take our power for granted. Being part of the process of understanding/awareness fuels my soul, and brought me to the path I find myself in today, a student of therapy.  I am an artist, a creative, as well as the art/product of my creators. I feel that just as we are created together we shall also create together.

The format is pretty simple. Feel free to ask advice about any topic. I will do my best to give you great advice on it. The advice provided is going to be my personal advice, this is not expert or professional advice, it is more so my opinion. AngelOnThe8thDay.com is not responsible or liable should you chose to follow the advice given on this site in any given situation. You will, however, run the risk of ending up a cooler person at the end if you do.