At first there was light.

And although the light of the First Day has and will always be with us,

It is now on our Eighth Day that we have become co-creators of its intensity.

Such process must begin within.

However, just as we are created together, we shall also create together.

One can reach the path of better understanding much easier
if there are several of us there to guide each other in the right direction.

And when on that path we will illuminate with rewards for our previous journey.

And now, on the Eighth Day, we shall find ourselves.

The roots have been grounded; the stars have been beautifully hung. 

Days of rest are now behind.

I now, can better taste the water and fruits of previous days.

My eyes have cleared enough to enjoy the lavishness of the sun and moon light.

I now, can better admire the wondrous arrangement of the stars above.

Appreciation of my fellow creatures and One’s value of equivalent magnitude, discovers its solid ground.